What is the best remedy for erectile dysfunction?

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Viagra is a drug which is useful for the erectile dysfunction. A man who has a erectile dysfunction which is a best remedy and also helps to fix the problem and recovered.

It maintains an erection long enough for sexual intercourse.it usually starts to works with thirty to sixty minutes.Doctor always prescribed the pills or drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.It increases the blood flow to the penis during sexual sexual stimulation.This increased blood flow cause an erection.This medication comes in tablet form and taken before sexual activity.the pill looks blue in color and 25 mg is best to taken.

Viagra has a serious side effects of headache,heart attack,blood pressure etc.

Such effects are stomach upset ,flushing of the face.Blurred eyes such effects are temporary and also changes in vision like difference between green and the blue objects and more sensitive to light.the serious effects of lost of sight may be occurs.we cannot possible to determine whether the side effects is caused by this pill or not.If you have a serious effects in sight loss , must call a doctor right away immediately.The most dangerous side effects is in rare case of some men reported that an erection lasts many hours.At that time , you must call a doctor immediately.If you not treated in a right way ,permanent damage would occur to penis.some other side effects are decrease in hearing , ringing in the ears and dizziness.Heart attack ,stroke and regular heart beats and death could occur one who taking Viagra reported some person.If you want to buy this pill, you must ask to the doctor.Viagra must be used only under doctors prescription. The dosage level in Viagra ranges from 25 to 100 mg.Most of the patients taken 50 mg which is a recommended one.the dosage should be taken before sexual activity.the maximum range doctors prescribed is 100 mg which leads to vigorous effects of erection .If suppose you had taken overdose, you must be seek doctor right away.

In Australia, the cost of this pill is approximately 6.20 dollars per packet. Prices in New Zealand are even higher

The Australian pharmaceutical Benefits schemes subsidies the drug.the cost of Viagra ranges from 54 to 82 dollars in government depending upon the brands.Patients can except to more if they buy more over the internet.Many online products sell for 10 dollars.The delivery is very cheap over the internet. Sometimes they may offer free delivery.

According to me, it is the best remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Moreover this drug is taken only under proper supervision of doctor.This is absolutely a fantastic medication which has improved intimacy and sex with partner, self confidence and self esteem. I was hard enough to penetrate but would lose erection and my partner also fully supported and the patient would cause upset and tension and sex was not a pleasant experience.Now i have a pleasant experience with my partner. My relationship is fantastic now.can be a little frustrating in the sense that you don’t always know when you and your partner are going to have sex as obviously unplanned sex fun rather than being planned which can be little strange.

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