Come On Time (And Not Too Early): A Detailed Study Of Premature Ejaculation And Its Treatments

Premature Ejaculation: What Can You Do To Solve It

Oh no. Another movie that ended too fast. Another gun that shot too quickly. What’s a man to do when the lights go out before he can get a good look around? Enough of the analogies. We are talking about erectile dysfunction folks. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it also is the kind of the worst thing in the moment. Young Australian men have been dealing with erectile dysfunction for many years and counting. It is beginning to feel like an embarrassing part of a man’s development. It happens most often in younger men but older men can experience it as well. So, let’s get to the bottom of the reasoning behind why this thing continues to haunt us.

What is premature ejaculation

For some premature ejaculation is an issue from the moment that they have sex and continues on for the rest of their lives. They tend to have an issue with over stimulation and, by the time they realize what’s happening, another match is in the books. More often than not, cases like these are entirely psychological. Discipline is the cure to the problem that they have. Unfortunately, they usually never get the discipline which is why the problem never actually goes away. For other men, pornographic imagery is the issue. The effects of porn on a man’s brain doesn’t get enough discussion in an overly sexualized world. But, it has dramatic effects. What happens is the brain begins to adapt to the images. It begins to believe that a man can have 20 different women in 40 different positions in less than 30 minutes. He is also taught that all women are perfect little objects of his sexual satisfaction. So, when this man comes into contact with an actual woman, his anticipation is through the roof and his body responds the way that he has been constantly teaching it to respond.

When sex happens, the body has been taught to rush to orgasm and it doesn’t know anything about control or satisfaction of the partner. That is a huge reason for a lot of the problems that these particular men face. Thankfully, there are some remedies to this dysfunction.


Some men choose to masturbate before sex. I wouldn’t recommend it because you are teaching your body a habit that will have to be repeated with every sexual encounter. But, the choice is yours. There are also condoms available that are thicker and reduce sensitivity in the man area. It is highly recommended if overstimulation seems to be the core part of the problem. Another thing to consider is breathing exercises. In the realm of tantric sex, you are taught how to focus your energy throughout your body so that you aren’t overstimulated in one specific area. It might be the most complicated lifestyle change of my recommendations. However, it is the one that could be argued as the most beneficial in the long run. It keeps you from having to play tug of war with your self before every session. Instead, you will get the most out of sexual activity and discover a higher level of an activity that gets taken for granted. If this mind game is too complex, you can keep it simple and think of something else during sex. Perhaps, there are kids starving somewhere are animals going extinct. Just think of something that sends your mind in the opposite direction so you don’t run out of time.

No Erection Control

All jokes aside, choose any of these recommendations and see how it works. The issue may not be as serious as you once believe.

Final note

On a final note, despite what I said earlier, erectile dysfunction isn’t actually the end of the world. In fact, it’s a good thing that you are so easily satisfied. Typically, its your partner who is missing out. So, make that the point. You don’t have a problem, your partner does. You are changing some things about yourself in order to satisfy your partner. That’s pretty noble if you ask me. But, enough of the small talk. It’s time to take everything you learned instead running out of bullets so quickly. From this point forward, every shot will be calculated. You are nothing but a sharpshooter in the making.


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